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We suggest some simple ways to care for your pieces.

Use the recommended amount of a premium detergent for delicate articles.


Silk articles need to be washed separately because they have a lower colorfastness than other fabrics.


Hand washing is recommended for delicate items such as lace, lingerie, wool, silk or very dark colors that may fade. Use lukewarm or cold water under 30°C and squeeze out excess water gently. turn clothes inside out when hanging up and do not dry them in full sunlight.


The clothes should be at least 75% dry before ironing. Iron at a temperature range of 100°C to 180°C depending on the fabric.


The steam setting should be high since ironing silk requires a lot of moisture. After the silk is lightly misted with water, it should be placed face down on the ironing board and be covered with a press cloth.


To preserve your leather clothes, it is advisable to clean them by hand washing or dry cleaning.